The Spiritual Harmony and Healing Expo in Maleny

What was at the expo:

I visited this Expo on the Sunday to get an idea of the range of healers that this Expo has and was really amazed with the great variety and expertise of the healers. 

I talked to as many of the Healers as I could and sampled and experienced also as many as I could so I could inform.

The first in the Foyer was the Psychic Medium Healers and the quantity of these was vast and all tables were full of customers talking to each one of them. Linda Williams is Maleny’s local coordinator and is a silver member of the Australian Academy of Spirit (0408881944) I did not experience this as it was fully booked.

Muriel Braun was at a table with her knowledge of Astro Life and can be found on Facebook: along with another Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master Also Mary Mikhael a healer and energy worker with a vast range of healing methods lady. Michael Knoth is an accredited councillor and holistic therapist

One of the healers I though was into a wide range of therapies was Katie white she had: Remedial Massage, Emmett Technique (physical release of muscle groups) I had a try on the physical enhancing Bio mat she had for trial at the Expo and found it relaxing. She has also Reiki Training and treatments. I have found in the past Reiki to work especially on emotional/ physical trauma.

I talked with Marc about this healing: (Joyology) using colour and he has a range of presentations, workshops, events (0402447317)

Pepa Demasson has her healing in the area of consciousness and since this area pretty well dictates outcomes in our lives…is vital to get on track:  and she is in Maleny at the sheds and has all body and mind work.

A very interesting guy at the Expo was a man that had a near death experience and has written a book about his experience and what he experienced was purely spiritual in its essence. Edward Spellman wrote : Uriel’s Gift and was on sale at this expo.

Ruby Brown is an energy therapist (0418988745 ) along with Sunder Devi (0410538485) and Lesley Crossingham ( is a Clairvoyant, Tarot, Mediumship, Guide, Palmistry, and a variety of other readings.

The Pyramid guy was also very interesting ( This is an area I have experience first hand. I had a pyramid which I used in my 20’s to meditate did it make a difference to my energy. Then I bought a negative ion  generator which worked through a pyramid. This was tested by the makers on the miners at Moranbah Queensland mines in the trucks of all the miners that worked the night shift and reduced dramatically the road deaths and accidents in the wee hours danger time. I used it on long car trips plugged into the cigarette lighter…and never got tired. 

I found the test for a Wellness Report the most interesting. You get your hair tested and get a report of the areas that you need to work on or fix up with your health. This would cover nutritional needs, poisons in ones system and other range of areas.(

Shop/products Wellness:

There were the shop type heath areas at the Expo: Eco Spirit Candles which are a huge range of candles with essential oils in them for healing..I decided that this would be a great gift for my week saying guests as a treat. Rhonda Stall (0408318698) 

The magnetic Jewellery was also very interesting. I use magnets in my matrice cover to combat negative aspects of my lifestyle. they are to be used for things such as arthritis, pain etc

Essential Oils are a very good therapy and Young living with Lorna who was at the Expo: (0431467749) and the range of products was vast and pure.

The products from Advocate was also so vast it took a huge corner of the Expo: with Doug or Jo (0487204867) and of course the best of products. 

The Nexus shop is here in Maleny (behind Auto Parts) and this shop has a huge range of health equipment including blushed Tesla technology which stops EMF damage from WIFI, EMR, phone towers, smart metres and solar well as Bio mats for pain relief.

I also related well to Sue who had a range of products to aid the Colonic health. Since I supply this town with Kambucha Tea at Sarah’s Unplugged Cafe I was keen to buy her  Sauerkraut, and her Kerfir starter kit. I know how much poor gut health effects every area of the body and has a direct link to nearly every health issue we have now a days. Every country around the world has a live bacteria as a part of their diet and food intake but most of Australians use yogurt sometimes only which has heaps of poisonous sugar in and the live part is killed by the cold of the refrigeration process.

Overall I would recommend the Expo to any one wanting to check it out next year.

Our famous Pie man was there to provide his range of healthy pies in the Foyer so I had one of his Spinach, Feta and Macadamia Rolls..yum!