Pattemore House in Maleny


Pattemore’s House with the original family


Pattemore Historic House is 200 metres from the Maleny Wildlife Holiday House..along the Obi Lane and onto Porters Lane. It is one of the original houses and Dairy in Maleny. The old Dairy associated with this farm is across the road from the holiday House and one also one of the Historic buildings of this district.

The Pattemore’s immigrated to Australia from England to NSW but a drought drove them to Maleny to timber cut then Dairy Farm 1907 to buy the farm and the house built of white Beech called Fairview. JR and Emily remained there for the rest of their lives and were buried at Witta Cemetery.

Friends of Pattemore House was formed by Caloundra Council in 2008 and have been appointed the custodians of “Fairview” (PattemoreHouse) by the Sunshine Coast Council. 

Sunshine Coast Council and heritage professionals work on this house:

Working in partnership with Sunshine Coast Council and heritage professionals, the group collects and researches documents, stories, photographs and artefacts associated with the property in readiness to promote the interpretation of “Fairview” to visitors through open days, historical displays, exhibitions and school group tours.

The Friends and Council are also restoring the heritage gardens in partnership with other community groups.

The house and surrounding land (2.4 ha) is a Queensland Heritage listed property situated in Maleny, Queensland. It was built-in 1907 by the Pattemores, from White Beech pit-sawn on the property. It is one of the oldest in-situ examples of early 20th Century farmhouses.

Membership meetings are held the second Saturday each month, 2.30 pm at Pattemore House. Membership is available by contacting the secretary

The house is open to the public the last Saturday of each month (except December) from 1.00 – 4.00 pm.

Pattemores Historic House Maleny more History Info:

Val Carbery, nee Guille, born in Aug 1937, is pictured in the foreground of  this cute shot! She is also the baby being held in this classic family gathering photo of the Pattemores. Val’s mum Alma Pattemore, lived at “Fairview” as a girl, from about 1916, caring for her ailing grandmother Emily, leaving to marry dairyman George Guille in 1934. Alma too is in the shot – can you pick her out?

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