Mary Cairncross Discovery Centre Building

Mary Cairncross Discovery Centre Building is one of the greatest buildings in Maleny. This is a building that has so many aspects to it and caters for all ages and interests. Gone is the old small inadequate building with cramped interior to be replaced with a massive building with so many facilities in it.

1. Building Surrounds:

The Mary Cairncross Discovery Centre Building has around the building: landscaping, ponds, pathways and a great position for the walk. The back section has the original pond and waterway but enhanced to be a feature and look after the endangered species in the Frogs and other creatures.

2.The Viewing deck:

When you approach the building there are stairs to the left which you go up and out on the top of the building to the viewing Deck that has metal plates with information about the Glasshouse Mountains and some history. If you notice the glass it has etched stripes on the glass which is to stop birds from hitting all the glass.

3. Conference Room:

The Mary Cairncross Discovery Centre Building has a large conference room for associated conferences for this centre. At the moment the Council has videos running which are part of a competition for the young with the topic of Eco studies in and around this rainforest.

4. Tree tops Walk:

If you proceed through the building up the top to the right it goes into the top section of the building and continues out the other side to a Tree tops walk..a board walk which takes the viewers along the tree line for a short section. This is ideal for all but for those that are disabled and can not use the gravel path on the walk gives the same great sensation of in the Rainforest.

5. Mary Cairncross Discovery Centre Building:

The door is made by the Blackall Range WoodMasters Guild with a carved tree either side made from all the local timbers. Then inside an intriguing donation box which is like a slot machine which kids hassle to use. Then the History board on the wall with info about the local tribes and Mary Cairncross. After the front desk the building has several sections which are all there for education the night room..donated by Friends of the Forest to show what its like at night in the forest. Then the video room has videos running all the time on the seasons in this forest. Terrariums are station on the floor to show real living creatures from the forest. A rotation of animals and insects in various sections of the building come from the Queensland Museum.

6. Interactive sections in the Mary Cairncross Discovery Centre Building:

The variety of interactive sections is vast: sound systems to listen and identify the different birds frogs etc. The Microscopes are super popular with all ages along with the other preserved creatures/insects in resin.
The rainforest room has all kinds of interactive small doors and popout sections, sounds and fun aspects for children. A laptop to hold up the wall to get a 3D image along with a history interactive machine..more interactive and videos playing on screens..upstairs in the Foyer as well. The way that the interactive sections is set out is just class in woodwork and settings.

7. Mary Cairncross Discovery Centre walk map:

This is on the wall and shows the features of the walk, the distance and names of trees, etc. The walk itself is through he doors at the end and onto the left hand pathway as the right has a collection seating section for the classes from the many schools that visit this centre for Education.

8. Cafe: 

This is to be run by a well-known family that know the Cafe Industry very well. It has a great location and view out to the Glasshouse Mountains.

9. Staff:

The staff consists of Sunshine Council qualified Staff for all aspects of the Park as well as the building along with Volunteers from the community that man the visitors/Discovery Centre as well as some that are guides for tours, schools and groups. The staff have regular training and workshops from many experts in the many facets of the rainforest Eduction. I am a Volunteer at this Discovery Centre and so enjoy the delight that people get from the building and especially the walk. They call Mary Cairncross the Jewel of the Sunshine Coast..and that it is!