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The Sunshine Coast is a popular destination for keen bushwalkers and nature lovers from all over the world. From Maleny wildlife Holiday House you have access to the Maleny Trail and Gardeners Falls without having to get in the car but if you feel like being a bit more adventurous there are many National Parks, Waterfalls, Bushwalking trails and Wildlife Parks in the area that are well worth a visit. From climbing a mountain, taking a casual stroll through rainforest to getting up close with Australian wildlife you have the opportunity to experience it all here. If you are looking to connect with nature when you come and stay with us you will surely find something in our guides.

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MALENY BOTANICAL GARDENS Background: Frank is the owner from South Africa was looking for a property to create a garden. A big garden In 2005 he purchased the land that is now Maleny Botanic Gardens but was a rough cattle grazing property at the time. In 2007 he began...

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Mary Cairncross Discovery Centre Building

Mary Cairncross Discovery Centre Building Mary Cairncross Discovery Centre Building is one of the greatest buildings in Maleny. This is a building that has so many aspects to it and caters for all ages and interests. Gone is the old small inadequate building with...

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Maleny Golf Course

Maleny Golf Club Maleny Golf Club is a public golf course in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and it has ideal setting with the Maleny Trail going right around the back and also the Obi creek at the back of the walkway. This golf course is over the road from Maleny...

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Birds Of Maleny

Maleny has a vast variety of birds from those in the rainforest to Honeyeaters, Parrots, backyard birds and the waterway birds.
Guests and visitors to the area want to know the different types , names and how to identify them.

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