Maleny Knitfest is a very different Festival exclusive to Maleny



Knitfest 2018 is an exciting weekend Yarn & Fibre Arts Festival held on June 30th – July 1st.

2018 is about celebrating winter arts and crafts, embracing the whole community of Maleny. We yarnbomb and decorate the main street of Maleny so the town becomes a centre of art, creativity, yarnbombing, workshops, guest speakers, music, trade stalls and craft markets. It is a magical festival for families to discover new skills, talents and creativity with the use of yarns including knitting, crochet, basket weaving, spinning and weaving, felting and lots more. Get involved and join one of the many workshops. 

Knitfest features competitions for community groups, art associations and skilled artisans to decorate trees in our beautiful streetscapes with handmade art installations made of yarn and fibre. There’s prize money too!  There is also several competitions for the Best Beanie, Scarf, Shawls, Tea Cosy etc.

Ride the Free Yarnbombed bus as it travels up and down the Festival Precinct so you can get a window seat to see all the attractions and the best yarn bombing. 

Where in Maleny:

When one walks around Maleny every lamppost and any major sign has been decorated with some complex knitted adornment. It really is delightful for all to see and makes Maleny stand out. Visitors are gobsmacked at the amount of displays then they can go to the high School and see more talent in this Art/Craft form than every seen before. 

Showing theme for the Fest

The theme for this year is “Outer Space / Sci Fi”.


This year, our the Brisbane Astronomical Society will be hosting a  “Stargazing Night” at the Maleny Golf Club with 4 huge telescopes and viewing platform. This workshop is hosted in conjunction with Knitfest. 

Felting creatures


About us:
Knitfest is a not For Profit Community Group run by volunteers headed by Festival & Creative Director, Debs Swain. 


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