Maleny Food Tours:

Maleny Food Tours: Maleny Cheese Factory and Mystic Mountain Tours provide exciting taste sensations as well as tours.

There is a magic tour that is here in Maleny for those that want to see it all without the driving as well as enjoy a drink along the way…this company says: 

“We would like to share some of the breathtaking landscape from where we live.”

Here is the different tours as well as the services they offer:

Maleny Food Tours: 

These are the Mystic Mountain tours:


 Explore this beautiful region on a guided tour where you meet the makers of unique gourmet delights and share the dreams of inspired locals. 


A relaxing drive through spectacular Australian countryside.  Visit artisan coffee roasters, a sourdough bakery and a nomadic chook farm.  Includes a fresh picnic lunch of local produce by the creek. 


Matilda Scarf from Gourmet Afrika takes you on this wonderful gourmet safari of the Sunshine Coast.

Use of the vehicles for : WEDDINGS

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Lyn one of the Tour Operators

Lyn one of the Tour Operators

The tour operators: Lyn and Andrew


Maleny Cheese Factory Tours:               

From the Maleny Cheese factory website:  Maleny Cheese, a multi-generation family owned business based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland town of Maleny. From humble beginnings in 2004, the Bucher family have remained true to their vision “to be Queensland’s dairy processor and tourism operator of excellence”.

Maleny Cheese is a company formed by two local families, Markus and Sara Bucher, and David and Heather Simpson. Markus Bucher is a Swiss Master Cheese Maker and saw and opportunity of making dairy products from the first-class milk available in the area. The Simpsons own a third-generation dairy farm.

Together, these families created a purpose built cheesery with panoramic viewing windows, allowing cafe visitors to look down on to the production floor. The Simpsons provided the first milk supply for Maleny Cheese products.

Now under the business direction of Markus and Sara Bucher, Maleny Cheese has grown to a team of people who exist to serve reliable regional food from Queensland’s premier dairy region.

Maleny Cheese has a strong core value on being a local business and we source fresh regional whole milk from small local dairy herds, alongside other sustainably sourced ingredients. Combined with our European know-how and skill, we make and sell exceptional dairy goods, fresh from paddock to plate.

Our product range has broadened, from our beginnings with just cow milk products, to now sourcing Water Buffalo milk and Camel milk, from local farms. Expanding our flavours with these products allows us to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

This is a great place to visit for a lover of cheese. It has a taste bar of a huge selection of cheeses from not only Maleny but imported cheese as well. This company has been in Maleny for well over 30 years and has a Swiss Cheese maker as the cheese expert. It has won heaps of Australian cheese and yogurt prizes for their products and some have unusual flavours such as Apple and Cinnamon and different milks used for cheese such as Buffalo (less lactose). My guests that stay for more than 3 days get a Cheese Platter from here and love the cheese.


The range of yogurts are: Chocolate, Passionfruit, Mango, Mixed Berry, Natural, Ginger, Apple and Cinnamon, Greek and Swiss cultures.

The range of cheeses:

Cow-milk cheese range includes three styles: Club Cheddar: 
  • Vintage – our base cheddar, rich and creamyNSW DIAA 2015 Silver_Chilli, Tuscan, Wasabi, Sundried Tom Olive
  • Smokey – a rich oven smoked flavour
  • Wasabi – this Japanese horse-radish has a distinct mustard flavour, without the sizzle
  • Port – indulge on a fruity flavour, as we blend Vintage Port Wine for a unique taste
  • Tuscan – a delicious blend of Italian herbs, this pizza flavour cheese is a favourite
  • Chilli Con – a sweet chilli tang with a peppery after kick
White Mould:
  • Camembert – no cream added, fresh mushroom like flavour
  • Creamy Brie – one portion of cream, has buttery taste
  • Triple Cream Brie – three portions of cream, extra smooth and creamy buttery flavour

Maleny Cheese Buffalo Range:

Maleny Cheese Buffalo range is created from pure Water Buffalo milk, sourced from a local Maleny plateau farm also.  Compared to cows milk, Buffalo milk is white in colour, milder flavour, and creamier texture.  Buffalo products are a low cholesterol option.  Due to low quantities of milk produced by Buffalos, products are seasonal (available Winter/Spring seasons only).

  • Feta – refreshing subtle taste, not strong or salty
  • Herb and Garlic Feta – our Buffalo Feta combined with a blend of aromatic herbs and garlic
  • Quark – delicate gentle flavour, this fresh versatile bake-quality cheese
  • Dip – using our Buffalo Quark and combing it with a special blend of herbs, garlic and pepper
  • Brie – creamy, smooth White-Bloom cheese, with a scent of mushroom


    Maleny Camel Products:   

    This is information on this product from their website: In November 2014, we were able to try producing Camel milk cheese.  In January 2016, we were given the opportunity to produce Camel milk yoghurt.  These were only trial products, available for a limited time only.

    As of April 2016, Maleny Cheese does not source camel milk, or produce camel milk products on a a regular basis.  If you would like more information regarding camel milk and where to purchase it, please contact QCamel for further details.  We do sell the QCamel Milk in our Maleny Cheese Cafe.  


    2016 Awards

    • Australian Grand Dairy Awards – Finalist:
      • Maleny Gourmet Mixed Berry Yoghurt
    • Dairy Industry Association of Australia (QLD) – Gold Winner:
      • Maleny Triple Cream Brie
      • Maleny Buffalo Herb and Garlic Feta
      • Maleny Gourmet Mango Yoghurt
      • Maleny Gourmet Apple and Cinnamon Yoghurt
      • Maleny Gourmet Natural Unsweet Yoghurt
    • Dairy Industry Association of Australia (QLD) – Silver Winner:
      • Maleny Natural Premium Yoghurt
    • Royal QLD Food and Wine Show – Silver Winner:
      • Maleny Gourmet Mango Yoghurt
    • Royal QLD Food and Wine Show – Bronze Winner:
      • Maleny Gourmet Natural Sweet Yoghurt
      • Maleny Gourmet Mixed Berry Yoghurt
    • Dairy Industry Association of Australia (VIC) – Gold Winner:
      • Maleny Gourmet Natural Sweet Yoghurt
      • Maleny Gourmet Ginger Yoghurt
    • Dairy Industry Association of Australia (VIC) – Silver Winner:
      • Maleny Gourmet Passionfruit Yoghurt
    • Maleny Show – Gold Winner:
      • Maleny Vintage Cheddar
      • Maleny Chilli Con Cheddar
      • Maleny Triple Cream Brie
      • Maleny Buffalo Feta
      • Maleny Buffalo Herb and Garlic Feta
      • Maleny Gourmet Ginger Yoghurt
      • Maleny Gourmet Apple and Cinnamon Yoghurt
      • Maleny Gourmet Chocolate Yoghurt
    • Maleny Show – Silver Winner:
      • Maleny Buffalo Brie
    • Glass house Small Business Awards – Bronze Winner:
      • Small Business