Maleny is famous for its Coffee

Maleny is famous for its Coffee as well as the food and friendliness of the staff. A question all of my guests at Maleny Wildlife Holiday House is where is the best coffee in town. Well that question is difficult as there is so many coffee outlets that are good but here is my ratings for those that want to get the best coffee in Maleny.


Shotgun Cafe: 

This Cafe has the most popular coffee and has also excellent food and service. It is up next to the park and Watson’s Garage. It looks cramped but go out the back for space and a view. Also good range of gluten free food.

Maple 3: (Chipironi Coffee)

This is a Cafe which is set in one of the original houses in Maleny and has excellent coffee, food and service with great location, being very central and ambiance. Go around the back for parking.

Concept Cafe: (Concept Coffee)

This Cafe is set with its main seating on the Boardwalk of the Maleny Trail and has great coffee and setting next to the Obi Creek and its Platypus. Great Coffee and some food but limited space limits the range.

Market Place: (Botero Coffee)

 This is a restaurant with fabulous organic food and very good coffee and super friendly with heaps of space for a crowd. It is at the top of town going west and advantage of having a carpark over the road big enough for all of Brisbane!

Coffee Shack Maple Street: (Single Origin Coffee)

This Coffee Shack is in such a different place and great to get the best of food from a range of shack outlets..including our famous Maleny Pieman and Sushi man, Mexican etc. This coffee is up there with being very good as well as super friendly staff.

Monicas Cafe: (Mohnao Tim Adams Coffee)

Monica’s Cafe has super food and coffee and popular due to this and one of the Maleny families living here from way back. Friendly helpful staff..French cafe style of street and cafe seating.

Maleny Coop: (Forza Coffee)

Maleny Coop has excellent food and very good Coffee. This has the best range of Gelato and a number 1 chocolate Fudge Ice-cream in Australia along with a range of cheeses. Cafe space is limited to street and inside but popular place.

Rossetta Bookstore: (Mamboo Coffee) 

This bookstore has good coffee and French style Seating on the street. Limited food range due to it being a bookstore.

Sarah’s Unplugged Restaurant: (Puro Fedres Coffee)

         This restaurant has the best position as its central and seating is street, inside and side section so plenty of seating. The food is the best quality, healthy and has the greatest range of gluten free I have ever seen. Good Coffee and the most professional, friendly, attractive staff you will find.

Maleny Diner : (Natural Bean)

This diner has great food and good old fashioned attention to looking after the patrons. Good coffee and plenty of seating and space.

The Old Bank: (Wolff Coffee)

The Old Bank is another original building and is growing in popularity for its food and coffee as well as great position in Maleny.


CJC Cafe: (Debella Coffee)

The usual selection of the pastries and pies that this franchise has but it has seating in small hideaway areas that make privacy a great experience. Good coffee.

It has now become a popular thing to do is to get on one’s motorbike or in the car or other transport and drive up to Maleny for the coffee, food, views and atmosphere and especially the friendliness of the staff. It has now changed from a diary farm country town to a thriving tourist town with a reputation for the finest hospitality.