Hinterland Bush Walks

The Hinterland bush walks are many and varied and they stretch from Mapleton National Park to the Mary Cairncross Park the other end of the Range

Mapleton National Park Bush Walks:      


 Lookout Mapleton Falls (N.P.)

Hinterland Walks


Track on the Mapleton Walk

Hinterland Bush Walk

 Track and lookout view

There are 6 walks: T1: 4.9 km 1+ 50 m climb, T2: 4.2 Circuit 1= hrs 110m climb, T3: 6.8km 2 hrs 190m climb, T5: 2km, 30min, 60m climb, Pillars Forest Walk 800m circuit, 20m easy, Linda Garrett short walk 700m circuit, 20 min easy…close to carpark but the rest is dense forest.

Gheerulla Falls: 2.7km return 1 hr 100m climb moderate. this is an attractive pool but not easy access to the waterBelow the Falls lookout is Pencil Creek falls 120 metres to Obi Obi Valley. the Peregrine Falcon roosts in the cliffs august to September and reaches 300km an hour in its swoop..the fastest creature in the world.

Kondalilla Falls Bush Walk Circuit: 

Track to Falls

Hinterland Walks

Waterfall and swim hole at Kondalilla N.P.

Hinterland Walks

 The Waterfall

The complete circut takes you through a varied forest to the Falls where you can swim in the Falls swim hole.

Picnic Creek Circuit: 1.7km return from carpark, 40min 80m climb..through Eucalypt Forest with patched of rainforest and has a lookout over the Obi Obi Valley

Kondalilla Falls Circuit: 4.7 from carpark, 1.5 hours, 210m climb.

Kondallilla N.P. and  Barron Lookout:  

The falls from the lookout at Kondalilla N.P.

Hinterland Walks

 Lookout view

From the Narrows road carpark is the start of the Great Hinterland Walk. 58km bush walk to Mapleton Day use area. The first 10km is a popular day walk 5 hours for experienced walkers. first 2km to Baroon Lookout is clear and easy-going. the Narrows lookout provides a Unique view over the  Narrows Gorge with rock pools and ascend down to Baroon lookout.

Berganns Lane Walk: 

Map of the Bergann's Lane Walk

Map of the Walk

 Bergann’s Lane Walk Map

2.2 km return / Easy / 40-60 min return: This walk is within the Witta area..park the with Road end on the grass and follow this lane.

Obi Boardwalk Rainforest Walk: Community Coop walk donated by the Diary in 1996 and the start is just up from the Library on Coral Street and ends at the show grounds with a rainforest vegetation along the Obi Creek.

Barton Pocket Dam Bush Walk:  


Signage on the Obi walk

hinterland Bush Walks

 Lookout signage

There are two loops at this dam area:

Loop 1: This is a loop of 1.2km return from the carpark it is 40min with 35 m climb. Regeneration by the catchment group

Loop 2: 1.8km return from carpark, 50 min walk, 60m climb.

Mary Cairncross Park:


Glasshouse Mountains from the Mary Cairncross Lookout

Hinterland Walks

  Glass house view (over road)      

Fig Tree in the Mary Cairncross Forest

hinterland Bush Walks

 Mary Cairncross Forest

This Park was once park of the Farm of the Thyne Family then run by the daughter and finally donated by Mary to the community. The walk is 1.7km with one loop flat and the other longer with slight decent and climb but easy walking. This is original Old Forest and is famous for its unique flora, fauna and its huge, unique range of birds as well as exclusive species of all to this forest so a must see for this area.

Gardeners Falls Bush Walk:   

Waterfalls and Swimming hole- Gardner Falls

Gardner Falls

The creek above the Gardener Falls

Obi Creek

 Obi Creek

This is a Water fall and a huge local swim hole can be seen by going from town along the Maleny Trail which starts on the Boardwalk at the back of the P.O. carpark area. Or by walking from the Falls carpark. It has a waterfall and a huge swim hole at the end of the wheelchair access pathway.

Maleny Trail:  

Maleny Trail Map

Trail Map

 This walk is a circuit which goes from town down around the back of the Golf course or down to Gardener Falls via the creek crossing or the longer way. Has bush and the Rainforest section near the Fall

Conondale National Park and the Imbil Forest Bush Walk:

Forest Track in N.P.

Track in the forest


View over the Conondale N.P.

View of the N.P.

 Forest and view

The  Conondale Great Walk showcases the very best of Conondale National Park.  Ancient rainforest, cascading waterfalls, crystal clear creeks, tall open forest, and expansive views are just some of the spectacular features of this walk. Visitors can take short strolls or complete the full four-day 56 km circuit walk. 

Map: (http://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/parks/imbil/pdf/imbil-conondale-map.pdf)

In the rugged Conondale Range are some of Queensland’s most popular and picturesque forests. Luxuriant rainforests, tall eucalypt forest, waterfalls, boulder-strewn creeks and spectacular scenery.

This diverse 35,500 hectare park provides critical habitat for a wide variety of wildlife including a significant number of rare and threatened plants and animals. A large number of plant species that occur here are at the limit of their distribution.

With magnificent forests, deep gorges and spectacular views, this park offers walking tracks, scenic drives and grassy camp sites near rainforests and mountain streams. Popular Booloumba Creek camping areas are located beside a scenic rainforest lined creek.

Conondale NP & Imbil Forest Walking. Dogs and domestic animals are not allowed in these areas. The Gubbi Gubbi, Wakka Wakka, Jinbara and Kabi Kabi people once lived here self-sufficiently and traditionally for thousands of years.

 Imbil National Park Bush Walks:

Imbil Waterway

Imbue N.P.

 Imbil Waterway

 Adjoining Conondale National Park is the Imbil National Park. The area provides easy access to the features of both Imbil State Forest and Conondale National Park—luxuriant rainforest, tall eucalypt forest, mosaics of plantation forest, waterfalls, boulder-strewn creeks and spectacular scenery make this area well worth a visit.

The diverse forests provide homes for a wonderful variety of wildlife including more than 120 species of birds and many mammals. The threatened and seldom-seen yellow-bellied glider lives in the open forest.

Fig Tree Bush walk: 

Fig Tree near Conondale

Fig Tree

 Fig Tree (Travel2nex)

This walk is 1.1 km return and is easy with wheelchair accessible and is 6.5 km south of Kenilworth 

Linda Garrett Reserve Bush Walk Circuit:

Linda Garrett Reserve Map

Circuit map

 Circut Map

This is a 400 metre walk which is easy and 20-30 min return and is a ‘short circuit’ leads through rainforest and a palm grove.

Glasshouse Mountains National Park Bush Walks:

Mt Coonawrin

Glasshouse Mountain

Glasshouse Mountain

Glasshouse Mountain

Glasshouse Mountains Lookout Track – 0.8kms 

Mt Coonawrin

Glasshouse Mountain

  Glasshouse mountains

A short 0.8km track with spectacular views of its surrounds. Perfect for a Sunday BBQ and stroll, since free gas BBQs are provided on site.

Mt Beerburrum Track – 1.4kms  

This 1.4km track features breathtaking views along the trail, and from atop a fire tower. 

Mt Ngungun Summit Track – 2.8kms

Through the woodlands you’ll go! This 2.8km return trail also features fantastic 360 degree views from atop Mt Ngungun. 

Mt Tibrogargen Circuit – 3.2kms

A 3.2km flat track that loops around the base of Mt Tibrogargen. An ideal walk for the whole family.

Trachyte Circuit – 6kms

6km long and linked to Mt Tibrogargen Circuit, stroll through open woodland and heathland and soak up the views from the Jack Ferris lookout on Trachyte Ridge.

Booloumba Falls Bush Walk:  

Booloumbra Walk Signage

Hinterland Walk

 Signage to show the distance

It’s a long walk, 24kms return, but there will be rockpools and swimming holes along the way to cool you down! Enjoy rainforest, waterfalls and nature’s sounds on this grand adventure.

Mount Allen Fire Tower Bush Walk:

Mount Allen Fire Tower Bush Walk:

Mount Allen Fire Tower Bush Walk:

 View from the Tower

In a roundabout way this track,11kms return, ventures uphill, so it’s definitely for those who are looking for a walk that’s more on the exhilarating side of things. Once at the top, reward yourself with views of the spectacular surrounds.

Artist’s Cascades Bush Walk:

 Cascades Bush Walk:

Cascades Bush Walk:

 The Cascades

The walk,10kms return, to Artist’s Cascades is well worth it. Venture through a constantly changing natural environment and enjoy a picnic on the rocks around the cascades before heading back.

Strangler Cairn Bush Walk:

Strangler Cairn

Strangler Cairn Bush Walk:

 Sculpture with Strangler in top

You can visit Strangler Cairn, 6.5km walk,  on the way to Artist’s Cascades, but, if you’re looking for something a little shorter, it’s a great destination point, the rock art serves as a beautiful point of contemplation of the wondrous and dynamic character of the Conondale area.