Dining Out in Maleny

Dining out in Maleny is easy if you love International food and here are three that I recommend:

Lumpini Nepalese Restaurant:

Dining out in Maleny with Nepalese food:

Dining out in Maleny can be with food not found in most places. This restaurant has the authentic flavours of Nepal with traditional dishes with a modern touch as well. I love Curries and have had the best of them on my travels around the world and these excellent in this restaurant.

The People and the Culture:

Nepal have many ethnic groups as varied as its land with their own language and cultures. In Kathmandu valley there are Newars, whose culture and artistry have earned them an international reputation. The Sherpa of the Himalayan are known as tough of mountain climbers while Brahmins and Chhetris are scattered over the hills and valleys. The Magar, Rai, Gurung and Limbus of the mid hills have earned fame as Gurkhas Soldiers. Low land ethnic groups such as the Maithili, Bhojpuri and Tharu, enhance the colorful mosaic. The population of Nepal is about 2.5 millions. 


Nepal is a small, independent, beautiful Himalayan kingdom of high Himalayan mountain, artistic monuments, exotic wildlife and diverse cultures. The Federal Republic of  Nepal covers an area of 1,47,181 square kilometres and stretches 145-241 kilometres north to south and 850 kilometres west to east.It is located between India and China with the northern latitude 260-21’-300-26’ N and eastern latitude 800-31’ – 880 12’ E. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal.

Nepal is a small mountainous and land locked country, with the highest peak Mount Everest in the world. It is the homeland of the world-famous Gurkhas, whose story has been well documented as well as being legendary. Over the years the Nepalese have gained enormous experience around the world.


King Ludwigs German Restaurant

German Beer at the bar

      German Beer

Selection of German beers on offer

German Beers at the restaurant

King Ludwigs Bar

King Ludwigs Bar:  The famous German bar 


Dining out in Maleny with German food:

Dining out in Maleny is continued with a true German atmosphere as well as all the events throughout the year as well as the best of German beers (20 preservative free German beers: Origin/ml/alc Helles – lagers, pale ale) and food. I have worked in Bavaria and traveled Germany extensively and can say that everything about this place is genuine German.

The history of the place is:  

Klaus and Barbara came to Australia as young immigrants and met at Expo 88 at the Munich Festhaus, where Barbara’s father was the head chef.

A year and a half later in September 1989 they opened King Ludwigs German Restaurant in Tingalpa and operated successfully for 7 years before coming up to Maleny in 1997.

King Ludwigs of Maleny was born and is the best kept secret in the hinterland since 21 years. This is where meals and memories are made.

With the help of their 3 children they turned this place into a destination for Brisbane guests as well as international clients and of course their Maleny and surround locals. 

Their Bavarian beer bar offers more than 40 imported brews and a very fine and affordable wine list.

Open 5 lunches, morning teas, afternoon teas (Wednesday through to Sunday) and 2 dinners (Friday & Saturday)

Monday and Tuesday are rest days.

Enjoy spectacular,180 degree views over the Glasshouse Mountains

and Moreton Bay together with authentic Bavarian hospitality. 

King Ludwigs View from the Outside Dining

King Ludwigs View from the Outside Dining


Events on offer at this restaurant:

#Wedding and reception venue of up to 65 people on the Sunshine Coast with the 

natural beauty of the Glasshouse Mountains as a back drop

#cabin for just a relax for a great weekend away or as the perfect honeymoon destination. 

#Easter Long Weekend 2017, 

#Mothers Day Luncheon, 

#Bavarian Christmas in Winter, 

#Christmas in Winter Lunch for families, 


#German Christmas Dinner, 

#New Years Eve  

Give them a yodel on 07 54 999 377 to book your table and let them take you to Bavaria without paying the airfare.

www.kingludwigs.com.au kingludwigs@bigpond.com 07 54 999 377

401 Mountain View Road, Mary Cairncross Scenic Drive, Maleny Qld 4552

 German Food from the Restaurant

German Food from the Restaurant

  The food is very German and top class
The outside of the Restaurant

The outside of the Restaurant



Dining out in Maleny with Thai Food:

Sukhothai Thai Restaurant: Authentic Thai Food

Outside the Sukhothai Restaurant

Outside the Sukhothai Restaurant


Dining out in Maleny is complete with this restaurant which is on the Mountain View Road corner next to the Gallery and I can also say this is the best Thai Restaurant that I have been to. I worked in Thailand for a year and so love Thai food and the Thai people. It is a small restaurant so book ahead but the flavours are fantastic as well as the Thai cooks are so keen that you totally enjoy their food.

History of this restaurant:

The owner John has lived in Maleny many years and traveled overseas a great deal. Kay the chief worked in Muang Thai prior to coming to Maleny 7 years ago and they both took a lease on the restaurant 4 years ago and renames the restaurant Sukhothai. they then bought the property and built the business up. This is a must do dining for Thai food lovers…if not you will be converted with a meal here.

Food at the Restaurant: