Dining-Out: In and Around Maleny

Dining-Out: In and Around Maleny one has a rich variety of options for dining-out in Maleny which cater to all tastes.

  • There is the Internationals of Daawat Indian Restaurant at 4/45 Maple Street. It features top quality Indian food with BYO (and also takeaway).
  • Capriccio’s Italian Restaurant in the Riverside Centre is licensed and also offers takeaway.
  • Lumbinin Nepalese Restaurant has a great range of choices on their menu, with BYO. The food is really tasty and their staff is super friendly!
  • Sukhothai Thai Restaurant is on Cairncross corner and has top quality Thai food; one of our favourites!
  • Next door you can find theTerrace Seafood Restaurant. It is ranked in the top 3 in Australia.
  • Maleny Curry Mahal offers Indian food in Maleny
  • In the Riverside area is our local Chinese Restaurant which has a very good reviews.
  • Hotel Maleny has a bar with different areas to eat outside as well as a restaurant with a great range of food. It is ideal for big screen watchers or cheaper priced meals.

If you are looking for a resort type dining-out experience then Pomodoras on 18 Lawyer Street, Maleny, or Spicers on Obi Lane South are both excellent choices.

For something a little different, we recommend Spanish paella catering for your group onsite (seorpaella.com.au), or along Mountain View Road 401 you can find the famous German restaurant, King Lutwig’s which boasts the best German beers anywhere, as well as top food and German-style entertainment. The views from the deck are breathtaking vistas of the Glasshouse Mountains. You may also want to visit the Tranquil Park Restaurant which offers Irish style food and also treats guests with equally stunning views of the Glasshouse Mountains.

Finbar’s in Coral Street has a bar and are well-known for their wood-fired pizza and live music; on Sundays you can take in an Irish music jam session!

Maleny is also home to a Brewery: Brouhaha. It has a restaurant right on the corner of Coral Street and Stanley River Road.


Breakfast and Lunch Meals/Coffee:


If you are in the mood for a relaxing coffee or something a little lighter, there are a wealth of great local choices:

  • Colin James: 37 Maple Street, features award winning Gelato, sorbet, and ice creams
  • Maple 3: This is both the address and the name. Our favourite food cafe; in a great location and space in the building. Features local artists on the walls.
  • Shotgun: Great coffee and great food, next to Park opposite Watson’s Garage.
  • Concept Coffee: We love their coconut milk coffee and their location on the scenic boardwalk.
  • The Old Upfront Club: Features the Rainforest Cafe. The food and coffee are great. Located at the end of Maleny at the turn off to Stanley River Road. a large, green barn-style building.
  • Out just after the turn off to Montville is the Cheese Factory which caters for breakfast and lunch.
  • Next door you will find the Live Foods Cafe which caters for gluten-free, vegans, and vegetarians. The food is not only great but very different with turmeric added into many menu items- such as their turmeric Ginger Beer.
  • The Garden: A cafe along Mountain View Road just after the corner.
  • The Old Bank Cafe has become popular with their food, Gelato and drinks.
  • Pallet Life has international (Japanese/Mexican etc) cafe-style small food outlets as well as coffee. The famous Pie man is here but only on the weekend.
  • Anthys Expresso next to the Riverside Area has sushi and take-away style food- all healthy too- as well as coffee and drinks.

There are many other cafes along the street that serve coffee and food (like the bookshop or CJC). There are too many to list and we don’t want to deprive you of the pleasure of making your own treasured discoveries in an around town.