Dining out (in and around Maleny): Fresh Organic Lunch

 Live Foods: 

One of my favourite places eat is Live Foods 926 Manville Maleny road it is just after the Cheese Factory. This is the only one of its kind in Queensland and I eat there because it is plant-based food with no gluten, no additives and unprocessed whole foods. The cakes are raw and have the best organic ingredients and a taste sensation.


This Cafe is open only on weekends but they run courses as well. The cafe has an Art Gallery beside the Cafe and an outside area for eating as well as an open deck style eating with various sized tables for groups. Their website has regular recipes for the raw foods followers such as: Raw Chocolate Ganache Pie or Tumeric Chai Latte. They can make cakes for orders or take way food.

 They have a Facebook page that has an interesting food choices video which educated people about whats out there. I recently took a cooking class taken by the owner and the ingredients were all organic and plant-based. All there products are of the highest quality and many have Tumeric in them..like the the Golden Chi it was delicious. So many people who talk to the owner have health problems from poor eating habits and want to make a change. The Owner has so much knowledge due  to reading and research into live foods and the effects of changing ones health all due to turning his own life around from a heart attack. 

 Maple 3:

This is another Cafe that is recommended.  this cafe opens for breakfast at 7 and goes all afternoon but not for dinner. the building is one of the first buildings in Maleny with it being a home once for the Blacksmith back in the 1913 error and a Fish and Chip Shop and then a Bank of Queensland so it has Heritage and has been kept in the original Queenslander format. the space is huge inside with local Artists work on the walls and a selection of seating and tables inside and out on the deck with a view.  unknown-3unknown-2

The food is made on site is fresh and of the best quality with heaps of  choices. The coffee is up with the top 3 in town and a huge range of locally made cakes with plenty of choices for the G.F.  The staffs are efficient but have the Maleny friendly style, it does pay to book if a popular event is on in town or holiday season. It has a resident Lizard.unknown

 The Marketplace:

It’s at the end of Maple Street before you go out towards Reesville on the left. It is a big green barn with a real country feel. It has so much room one could bring in the milking cows as well for refreshment. It has great food super friendly service and also top for coffee. The alternative food lovers go here as it has a great range. Outside has a view of the other end of Maple Street and whats happening there. If you want to eat healthy and have a taste bud heaven experience these three places are to be visited. Donna (Manager/owner Maleny wildlife Holiday House)

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